Big Eyes Coin, Avalanche, And LEO Token

Crypto enthusiasts are hunters for profits, constantly searching for opportunities that guarantee profits regardless of the market condition. The cryptocurrency market is a bear rally, and although it leaves fewer chances for profit, there are still quite some opportunities. Opportunities include getting in early on new projects like Big Eyes Coin (BIG) because this is as cheap as you can get them.

Also, looking to buy top cryptocurrencies like Avalanche(AVAX) and LEO Token (LEO) at a discount is another long-term opportunity to look out for crypto traders. Those are quite logical decisions to make because you buy at the bottom, where there’s a lesser chance that there’s still space for a downtrend. 

In the case of Big Eyes Coin, you buy below market price as the token is yet to launch and offers early buyers the advantage of buying for a price that allows profit after launch.

Avalanche(AVAX) – Ethereum’s Biggest Rival

Avalanche (AVAX) is an Ethereum alternative blockchain known for its speed and scalability. It’s a smart contract-based network that allows the development of decentralized applications(dApps). The Avalanche network uses a consensus mechanism different from the Ethereum blockchain’s consensus mechanism, and the blockchain structure is divided into three, allowing for the scalability it is known for.

The network gained value while DeFi grew, and users needed alternatives to the Ethereum blockchain. It became one of the top DeFi networks, overtaking the BNB smart chain. The AVAX token surged and reached an all-time high of $144, but the network has lost DeFi value.

The loss can be attributed to the market condition and the UST crash of May 2022 that sent the whole market crashing. The Avalanche network still looks promising for the next bull market, and users would be looking to buy at this discount.

LEO Token (LEO) – Top Utility Token

IFinex created LEO Token (LEO), intended to serve as a utility token for the Bitfinex exchange. When the token was launched, it quickly gained value to become one of the top crypto assets in the market. Its uprising drew comparisons with Binance Coin(BNB), another top utility token for the Binance centralized exchange.

The LEO token was created to serve as the core of iFinex products and offerings. It hasn’t been interesting since its creation. The US Department of Justice helped recover almost $4 billion worth of bitcoin that BitFinex lost to a hack.

BitFinex has since recovered from the hack, but it had already announced before it was recovered that the funds would go to the LEO token and other holders affiliated with it. Users rushed to buy the token in 2021, and it is still on the watchlist of most people.

Introducing Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new meme coin project on the Ethereum blockchain. The community-governed project uses cutting-edge blockchain utilities to push the token’s narrative further. Cute-looking cat memes inspire the Big Eyes Coin coin with Big Eyes Coin. 

Giving most of the value to its community, Big Eyes Coin aims to create wealth via DeFi and several other possibilities enabled by community growth. Big Eyes Coin will be the new-generation meme coin that fosters community involvement and cuts across several crypto landscapes, including NFTs and blockchain gaming.

With plans to host events, contests, DeFi education for newbies, and charity donation, Big Eyes Coin is primed to become a top meme coin with a huge community. The possibilities are endless when the community is strong, and it could make it a smart bet for early buyers.

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