High Paying Crypto Faucet Earn Free BTC,LTC,DOGE,TRX, $12 Per Day

High Paying Crypto Faucet Earn Free BTC,LTC,DOGE,TRX, $12 Per Day

High Paying Crypto Faucet Earn Free BTC,LTC,DOGE,TRX, $12 Per Day



High Paying Crypto Faucet In 2022


Hi are You Searching For The Best and High Paying Crypto Faucet In 2022 To Earn Free Crypto? If Yes Then You Are In The Right Place. Yes I Used a Lots Of Crypto Faucet So If You are Looking For The Best Crypto Faucet Then In This Case I Will Help You Because I Known The Best One and Some Of Crypto Faucet Not Paying To Users So Stay Away From Time Waster Crypto Faucet sites.



Now The NO. 1 Free Crypto Earning and High Paying Faucet Is FireFaucet I Love This FAUCET Because They Paying To Workers On Time and Yes You Can Earn Up To $10+ Per Day From This Crypto Faucet.


Fire Faucet ( Crypto Faucet )

Fire Faucet allows you to automatically claim all your cryptocurrencies at once in a single tab without any annoying ads or popups and without any hidden miners. There are also lots of more features like Cool Daily Bonuses, Rank rewards, and much more!



Is Fire Faucet legit or scam?

Yes, Fire Faucet is a legit site to earn cryptocurrency and not a scam. I have been a member since December 2019 and I do not recommend scams. As of July 29, 2021 I have successfully withdrawn crypto from Fire Faucet over 100 times. My Fire Faucet review is overall positive.

How to Earn Crypto with Fire Faucet

Fire Faucet is an auto faucet that pay out in the crypto of your choice as long as you have ACP (Auto Claim Points). Once you signup you get some free ACP so you can get the auto faucet running.

Click the lightning bolt in the top right corner to start the faucet.

The faucet runs on a timer automatically generating crypto until you run out of ACP. The timer will tell you how many minutes users have to wait.

Auto faucet running and paying in ZEC

You will need to leave open the browser tab with the running auto faucet. You can be using and looking at other tabs and the auto faucet will keep running.

How to Earn More ACP

If you check out the menu you see your options for getting more ACP.

You can earn more ACP through various PTC ads, offers, shortlinks and tasks. I recommend the PTC ads as the best way to get more ACP. Also, get your a free daily bonus of ACP by clicking on the 🎁 gift box.

Using my daily gift and a few PTC ads netted me the following LTC. Didn’t take long and the Fire Faucet interface makes it easy.

Activity Points

What are activity points? Activity points measure your activity on the site. The more you use auto claim, complete offer walls, do short links, claim faucets, or refer friends, the more Activity points you earn.

Top 20 users everyday who have the most activity points are rewarded!

1st Place : 40,000 ACP
2nd Place : 30,000 ACP
3rd Place : 20,000 ACP
4th — 10th : 10,000 ACP
11th — 20th : 5,000 ACP

Following are the ways you can earn activity points to get up in ranks. All of the rewards listed below are for 1 task done respectively.

Activity Point Rewards

Available Cryptocurrency

You can withdraw your earnings directly to a wallet or to FaucetPay.

The following is a current list of the supported crypto:

  • Bitcoin [BTC]: Direct Withdraw / FaucetPay
  • Binance BEP20 [BEP20]: Direct Withdraw
  • Tether TRC20 [TRC20]: Direct Withdraw / FaucetPay
  • Ethereum [ETH]: Direct Withdraw / FaucetPay
  • Dogecoin [DOGE]: Direct Withdraw / FaucetPay
  • Litecoin [LTC]: Direct Withdraw / FaucetPay
  • Dash [DASH]: Direct Withdraw / FaucetPay
  • Tron [TRX]: Direct Withdraw / FaucetPay
  • Nano [NANO]: Direct Withdraw
  • Monero [XMR]: Direct Withdraw
  • ZCash [ZEC]: Direct Withdraw
  • DigiByte [DGB]: Direct Withdraw / FaucetPay



How to Withdraw

Use the “My Wallet/Withdrawals” icon next to the lighting bolt.

Menu in upper right hand corner on desktop

All of your crypto balances will be listed separately:

Partial screen shot of wallet page.

Click “Withdraw” to start your withdrawal. You will see this window open:


If you have not done so enter your wallet address. Choose your withdrawal method — either “Direct to Wallet” or “FaucetPay Microwallet”. Once you enter the amount and click “WITHDRAW” you are done.

You can click “Withdrawal History” to be taken to the “Payouts History” page. Your latest pending transaction will be listed at the top. See my most recent pending withdrawal below:

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