MKR Price Prediction 2022-2031: How is the Maker Coin better than Bitcoin?

Maker (MKR) is one of the most extensive decentralized applications (dApps) on the Ethereum blockchain. Maker technology was designed by a disparate group of developers and is governed by the MakerDAO. Maker (MKR) is the governance token of the MakerDAO. From the start, Maker offers intense competition in the DeFi sector of the crypto economy. With increasing regulation, to remain a top investment in the following years, Maker must remain competitive with the more heavily financed cryptocurrency networks.

Four months ago, there was a question on the main benefit of owning MKR. We surmise that the use seems to be voting rights to maintain DAI price, which is exciting but sounds like work. The downside of owning MKR tokens is that if the DAI-USD peg slips, the financial responsibility falls on MKR holders to cover the difference. Not sure the potential costs outweigh the benefit of being able to vote. Is there some other benefit? Is it the association with DAI and ETH that keeps the price up?

Today’s Maker price is $633.00 with a 24-hour trading volume of $33,882,621. Maker is up 2.45% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #62, with a live market cap of $618,841,892. It has a circulating supply of 977,631 MKR coins and a max. supply of 1,005,577 MKR coins.

What does the average crypto investor see in owning MKR?

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DAO Maker

The MakerDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) or a cryptocurrency exchange made entirely of Maker shares. These Maker’s MKR shareholders can stake their Maker crypto to vote on proposed changes to the Maker protocol and engage in crypto trade with their Dai token. This maker governance structure has helped Marker maintain its integrity. 

Holding a Maker coin in the cryptocurrency market is similar to owning stock in a traditional company for its vast differences. The shareholders have a say in determining how the company functions. The Maker ecosystem was one of the first DeFi projects to achieve significant success- a testimony of a genuinely effective decentralized exchange governance. 

Maker’s MKR token goal is to create a DAI stable coin and a crypto asset without concerns over reserve-backing. With the collateralization mechanisms and the further failsafe of MKR, Maker DAO has a secure wallet to protect the value of DAI, which could lead to its wider use.

MKR circulating supply and total supply

MakerDAO initially launched with a supply of 1 million MKR tokens. There is currently a circulating supply of around 991,328 MKR with over 2.7 billion USD market capitalization. However, the total supply of Maker tokens, and therefore their value, vary depending on market prices and conditions.

If cryptocurrencies stored in a Maker Vault smart contract suddenly drop in price, they may no longer have sufficient value to collateralize the generated stable coin, leading to liquidation.

If Dai raised during auctions is not enough to cover the vault’s obligations, new MKR tokens will be minted. On the other hand, if it is the case that more Dai than necessary is generated, it’s used to buy back Maker tokens and burn them. As a result, the total supply of MKR changes dynamically, thereby affecting its price.

What makes MKR unique? 

Maker digital coin price prediction 2022
Maker price prediction 2022

The Maker token helps to keep its partner stable coin DAI at the same value as $1. MKR can be created and destroyed in response to DAI price fluctuations to maintain DAI’s dollar-equivalent value. DAI uses a system of collateralization (essentially insurance), whereby holders act as part of the controlling mechanism to help manage the network.

DAI is issued when buyers purchase a smart contract-based collateralized debt position (CDP) which behaves much like a loan. CDPs are bought with Ether (ETH), and DAI is returned. ETH acts as the collateral to the loan, the same way a house serves as collateral for a mortgage loan. The system means that individuals can, in essence, obtain a loan against their ETH holdings. The DAI is “burned” or destroyed when the loan is repaid. Fees occur in MKR along the way.

The Maker token is a solution for a scenario where the price of ETH falls too quickly for the DAI system to handle. If the collateral system is not enough to cover the value of DAI, then MKR is created and sold to the market to raise additional collateral.

The Maker Platform, formerly known as MakerDAO, is the protocol and governance framework for DAI and MKR. The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) on the Ethereum blockchain.

How does MKR work?

The Maker Protocol generates new Dai through smart contracts known as ‘Maker Vaults.’ These contracts can be created through different web UIs and apps that act as portals to access the network. When users want to retrieve their collateralized cryptocurrency from the smart contract, they must first pay back the Dai they generated and a stability fee. 

MKR Price Prediction 2022-2031: How is the Maker Coin better than Bitcoin? 1

Why trust MKR?

Trusted brand

This is everything in crypto. Trust beats technology. Bitcoin proves this. These networks depend on users who recognize and trust them. It’s straightforward to copy or fork the technology, but you cannot copy or fork trust. Maker is one of the oldest projects, and Dai is the #1 decentralized stablecoin with thousands of holders that entrust billions in the network.


As the foundations of any new technology is built, specific technologies, companies, and products become locked in. This means that enough new technology has been built on top of them that these technologies are too deeply rooted in the system to be removed. Windows is a locked-in product. Google’s ad platform is locked into the internet. DAI and Maker are rapidly becoming locked into the DeFi ecosystem.


Wide distribution of token holders and transparent supply issuance with low/no inflation are important. Maker is more widely distributed than most DeFi projects. Maker is deflationary through its burning mechanic, so there will always be upward pressure supporting the price.

Maker Technical Analysis

MKR Price Prediction 2022-2031: How is the Maker Coin better than Bitcoin? 2

MKR price analysis for September 21, 2022, reveals the market following a complete bearish movement, obtaining massive negative momentum, signifying a decline for the MKR market. The price of MKR has remained negative over the past few hours. Today, the price crashed and went from $631 to $595. However, the market started to increase in value soon after and regained most of its value. Moreover, MKR has increased and reached $611.

MKR price analysis reveals the market’s volatility following an increasing movement, which means that the price of MKR is becoming more prone to experience variable change on either extreme. The Bollinger’s band’s upper limit is $810, serving as MKR’s strongest resistance. Conversely, the lower limit of Bollinger’s band is $600, which is the most substantial support for MKR.

The MKR/USD price appears to be moving under the price of the Moving Average, signifying a bearish movement. Moreover, the market’s trend seems to have shown bearish dynamics in the last few days. As a result, the market has decided on a negative approach. However, yesterday the market started on a negative movement, only to move again to a declining movement, and the market started closing its volatility, and the price started moving downwards.

MKR price analysis shows the Relative Strength Index (RSI) to be 29, signifying a declining cryptocurrency. This means that the cryptocurrency falls into the lower neutral region. Furthermore, the RSI path seems to have shifted to a downward movement. The declining RSI score also means dominant selling activities.

MKR price analysis reveals the cryptocurrency follows a strong downward trend with much room for further activity on the declining extreme. Moreover, the market’s current condition appears to be following a negative approach. Therefore, we can assume that the bears will start making their moves soon to maintain their control over the market.

Maker Price Predictions by Authority Sites

Wallet Investor

According to WalletInvestor’s Maker price forecast, MKR should reach $4,590.68 in one year and an astounding $13,432.70 in five years.

GOV Capital

In a similarly upbeat Maker MKR price prediction, predicts that MKR would cost roughly $4,637.83 in 2022.

DigitalCoin Price

According to DigitalCoinPrice, the value of MKR might reach $3,733.15 in 2022 and $4,281.62 in 2023. The MKR price forecast on the website is $4,652.76 for 2025.


MKR Price Prediction 2022-2031: How is the Maker Coin better than Bitcoin? 3
MKR Price Prediction 2022-2031: How is the Maker Coin better than Bitcoin? 4

Maker Price Prediction 2022

The price of Maker is predicted to reach a minimum value of $716.70 in 2022. The Maker price could reach a maximum value of $828.28 with an average trading price of $750.37 throughout 2022.

Maker Price Prediction 2023

The price of Maker is predicted to reach a minimum level of $1,031.72 in 2023. The Maker price can reach a maximum level of $1,266.41 with an average price of $1,069.24 throughout 2023.

Maker Price Prediction 2024

In 2024 the price of Maker is forecasted to be at around a minimum value of $1,480.99. The Maker price value can reach a maximum of $1,788.25 with the average trading value of $1,523.76

Maker Price Prediction 2025

Maker price is forecast to reach the lowest possible level of $2,116.19 in 2025. As per our findings, the MKR price could reach a maximum possible level of $2,586.97 with the average forecast price of $2,192.38.

Maker Price Prediction 2026

In 2026 the price of Maker is expected to reach a minimum price value of $3,138.45. The MKR price can reach a maximum price value of $3,758.35 with an average value of $3,248.07.

Maker Price Prediction 2027

In 2027 the price of Maker is predicted to reach a minimum level of $4,682.17. The MKR price can reach a maximum level of $5,508.48 with an average trading price of $4,812.09.

Maker Price Prediction 2028

The price of 1 Maker is expected to reach a minimum level of $6,936.08 in 2028. The MKR price can reach a maximum level of $8,149.33 with an average price of $7,128.57 throughout 2028. 

Maker Price Prediction 2029

As per the forecast price and technical analysis, In 2029, the price of Maker is predicted to reach a minimum level of $9,802.43. The MKR price can reach a maximum level of $11,804.10 with an average trading price of $10,158.86.

Maker Price Prediction 2030

Maker has an outstanding potential to reach new heights in terms of price. It is forecast that MKR will increase in value. According to specific experts and business analysts, Maker can hit the highest price of $24,373.76 by 2030.

Maker Price Prediction 2031

The price of Maker is expected to reach a minimum level of $20,711.54 in 2031. The MKR price can reach a maximum level of $24,373.76 with an average price of $21,442.43 throughout 2031. 

MKR Price Predictions by Industry Influencers

Mr. Legend Crypto Youtube channel gives a Maker breakdown and technical analysis.

Maker really looks like it’s becoming an established titan of the de-fi ecosystem but it trades much cheaper than newer, trendier projects with much less defensible positions in the ecosystem (UNI, SNX, AAVE to name a few). Maker and Dai currently have no credible competition with any real traction. Propelled by the recent news the US treasury department will allow banks to hold stablecoins, $10-20 billion market cap would be reasonable in this market.


DAI is a smarter cryptocurrency for everyone. Maker and Dai could prove the equivalent of a reserve currency within the collateral / liquidity space on the Ethereum DeFi space. Especially in the advent of a correction and margins are called, lenders will have to come up with more DAI as the value of the crypto declines against DAI.



Investors should be concerned about how more regulation can damage the still-developing DeFi business. Even though analysts seem to be quite gloomy when it comes to an MKR price projection, the token has fared very well throughout 2021.

The potential of decentralized finance is starting to materialize, given that the DeFi sector thrived tremendously throughout 2021. However, with the regulation on the horizon, it is still unclear how this will affect the industry’s advances and whether they will be reversed. Even if DAI is one of the most widely used stablecoins, it won’t be safe if the central government tightens regulations.

Although the predictions above are positive, always do your own study and make an effort to stay current on any advancements that could improve the Maker ecosystem’s chances.

You should never invest more money than you can afford to lose since investing can be dangerous, and always do your own research.

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