Security Analyst Favors Uniglo (GLO) With Top Audit Instead Of Synthetix (SNX), And Fantom (FTM)

Audits are necessary for firms, but those in the cryptocurrency sector may find them particularly crucial. This article will examine three security audits for the following projects: Fantom (FTM), Synthetix (SNX), and Uniglo (GLO). We’ll explore how they contrast and the reasons the analyst supports Uniglo.

It is always good to have an objective third-party opinion regarding security products. This is where audits come in. An audit can help identify potential weaknesses in a product or service and areas where improvement is needed.

Uniglo’s audit checks every aspect of a company’s security solutions, providing a quick assessment of the pros and downsides of Uniglo. Speaking of the rest, Synthetic and Fantom audit reports are found to be a bit vague, as they do not cover every facet of the companies’ security solutions. They are less clear and concise and do not adequately detail the projects’ strengths and weaknesses.

Security Analyst Clarifies Shortcomings Of Synthetix (SNX) And Fantom (FTM)

Synthetix is a platform and protocol for establishing synthetic assets on the Ethereum network. Synthetic assets are a combination of derivatives that mirror the price of a more real-world underlying asset outside the crypto sphere.

The dangers associated with synthesizers are often the same as those associated with any derivative. When we reflect on the financial crisis of 2008, we may argue that these risks can be most simply categorized as being connected to leverage.

According to a security expert, Synthetix is simple to use but is highly risky because of its lending structure. It will be intriguing to watch how its creators intend to manage this risk over time, given that it seems to be on track to overtake other crypto futures on the Ethereum network.

The value of Fantom (FTM), the native currency on the self-titled blockchain, plummeted following a hack in May 2022 on one of its biggest DeFi exchanges.

The first attack on Fantom in the last three months was Fantasm when the platform’s security was breached, allowing hackers to take $2.6 million. The project has lost investors due to increased attacks on blockchain networks. This was quickly noticed as its native token, FTM, has lost value by more than 86% over the last year. 

What Do Analysts Say About Uniglo (GLO)?

Auditors from Paladin recently released a report that praised Uniglo for its strong security posture. This is just one of the many reasons why the security analyst believes that Uniglo is a superior choice over Synthetix and Fantom.

The auditor’s findings are significant because they show that Uniglo has taken security seriously. This contrasts with projects like Synthetix and Fantom, which have been criticized for lax security protocols, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Here’s a look at why the auditor’s findings are so important and how they can help Uniglo succeed where other projects have failed.

Incorporating scarcity via a unique ultra-burn process, Uniglo is a community-based social currency asset-backed by digitalized physical assets, digital currencies, and rare NFTs. Uniglo offers The Gnosis Safe smart contracts’ authentication, which stops anyone from changing contract terms without the approval of a reputable board. A minimum of two core team members must sign each transaction or contract modification. 

The security analyst believes that Uniglo is well-positioned to succeed in social crypto because of its strong security posture. With the auditor’s report as evidence, the analyst believes that Uniglo will be able to attract more users and partners, leading to success.

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