Symbol (XYM) Goes Down; Cryptos With Tangible Use Cases – Chiliz (CHZ) and (CRNO)

A trend that has become quite evident in recent times is that crypto projects with real-world utility perform much better in the market, as compared to others. Investors are also searching for projects that have real-world utility as they emerge as safer and more stable cryptocurrencies. Three cryptocurrencies – Symbol (XYM), Chiliz (CHZ), and (CRNO) – are examples of this market trend. While Symbol (XYM), which does not have any real-world use case, has fallen sharply, Chiliz (CHZ) and (CRNO), tokens that have real-world use cases, have shown growth. (CRNO), in particular, has shown exemplary performance. Its golden pre-sale phase has culminated on a high note. The pre-sale success, which is now nearly sold out, has caused (CRNO) to grow by 560% and become one of the biggest highlights of the crypto market.

Symbol (XYM) Struggles to Retain Its User Base

Like many other cryptocurrencies, Symbol (XYM) has also borne the brunt of the market crash. Its value has nosedived over 94% from its all-time high of $0.77. Symbol’s biggest challenge is the lack of uniqueness in the project. The services offered by Symbol (XYM) are being provided by several other projects, making it difficult for Symbol to retain its user base. Besides, Symbol (XYM) does not have any real-world utility, causing shrinkage of its use cases. 

Symbol (XYM) is based on blockchain technology and aims to make financial transactions faster and secure. Symbol (XYM) has introduced several new features on its platform to take an edge over other cryptocurrencies that offer the same services. Symbol’s XYM token can be used to pay for transactions andis stored on any device that supports Bitcoin wallets. 

Chiliz (CHZ) Gets Necessary Push

The prices of fan-token Chiliz (CHZ) have risen in the past few weeks, with its current price being around $0.23. Although it is around 74% below its all-time high of $0.89, Chiliz (CHZ) has posted a growth of around 22% in the last week, an indication of growth momentum. This upward trend is a positive sign for Chiliz (CHZ), which nosedived during the first half of the year following the market crash. 

CHZ is a native platform token of the Chiliz network. Chiliz (CHZ) allows sports fans to have a real-world engagement with their favorite teams. Chiliz enables CHZ holders to have a say in their favorite teams’ decision-making processes including uniform designs, stadium names, and celebration songs, among others. (CRNO) Rules Pre-Sale Market; All Tokens Sold Out (CRNO) enables people to make fractional investments in NFTs of luxury watches. (CRNO) procures physical luxury watches and mint NFTs against them. Thus, the value of’s (CRNO) is backed by physical luxury watches, a novel approach in the crypto market. This also provides stability and profitability to’s (CRNO) token. 

Since the value of’s (CRNO) is backed by real–world assets, i.e. luxury watches, investors feel confident that their money is in a stable and profitable crypto. 

On (CRNO), a person can purchase any amount of luxury watches’ NFTs, starting from $10 to the whole market price of the watch. If a user holds 100% NFT, they can burn it to redeem the physical version of the luxury watch. (CRNO) users can also stake their CRNO tokens to earn extra. The platform plans to launch a lending protocol as well as a monthly lucky draw for CRNO holders. The winners of the lucky draw would get a physical version of the luxury watch at no cost. 

These beneficial characteristics have helped (CRNO) garner huge support and acceptance in the crypto community. Several investors have left other projects and joined (CRNO) for a stable and secure investment. Therefore, 218 million (CRNO) tokens were sold out during the pre-sale phase, and the value of CRNO has skyrocketed by 560%. Its current price is $0.066 and can grow by 2,500%-5,000% more in the coming months.

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