Uniglo (GLO) Preludes End Of Bear Phase With Huge Price Spike Along With Bitcoin (BTC) And Terra (LUNA) Recovering

There’s one crypto that’s been performing extremely well recently, and that’s GLO. GLO’s recent performance could indicate an end of the current bear run. And even if it doesn’t mean the whole market is going to recover, it certainly shows that there’s still money to be made in certain cryptos and that they don’t all have to be down just because the wider markets are. GLO has huge potential, and so does the rest of the crypto world. Some tokens have actually thrived despite wider market conditions. And this performance shows extremely bullish potential. These performing crypto projects have the dual benefits of being able to make investors money during a downturn, but also showing potential for even more growth once confidence returns to the space.

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo has tons of potential to become one of the best coins the crypto world has ever seen, and it has been performing incredibly well in pre-sale. Experts think it could go onto even bigger gains after it moves out of pre-sale, so this gives early investors the perfect opportunity to pick up a token at discount prices that has huge room for growth. GLO works by holding a solid store of value in the GLO vault, a diversified range of assets are held to provide a solid price value for the token, as part of GLO’s innovative deflationary tactics.

These deflationary measures are added to by the GLO burn mechanism which ensures more tokens are burned than with almost any other crypto project. GLO can never be printed unlike fiat currencies and becomes more and more scarce over time. All these measures help make GLO one of the best tokens the space has ever seen, and one that’s primed for solid and sustainable growth whether we’re in a bull run or a bear run. That’s why investments are increasing into GLO every day, but you still have the chance to pick it up before it goes onto even greater gains, so check it out immediately.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin might have dipped a fair bit in the last few months, but some still think it has shown considerable strength. That’s because many expected the dip to be much worse, but it wasn’t. BTC showed strength even though it was falling. When the bull market returns BTC could be in for huge growth, and could fire back up to all-time highs and beyond. That’s why investments are increasing from certain sections of the market into the biggest crypto in the space.

Terra (LUNA)

Terra’s prices are recently up a considerable amount, showing strength for this altcoin project. Experts think they could continue to grow, so you might want to add LUNA to your portfolio immediately.


There’s still plenty of potential in the crypto space. LUNA, GLO and BTC could all do great things for your portfolio in the coming months, so consider investing in them seriously.

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